Abhishek Sharma
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I am Abhishek Sharma

An engineer by core and a management consultant into energy vertical.

Mystery & Suspense  intrigue me, so I write mystery & suspense

Travel | Photograph | Montage, that's something I do

Life teaches us, so that's another thing i write

No doubt ,it's beautiful above, and I delve into astronomy.



Energy | Digital | Technology - defineideas


We need the energy to support growth. The path goes through using technology and going digital
The Resources on our planet are limited, over -exploitation leads to environment degradation.


Mystery & Suspense - authorabhisheksharma

Again.......... Rain

There is always some Mystery & There is always some Suspense.


Be the Kid in You- untitledzindagi


Never kill that kid in you


Travel| Photograph | Montage - shadesoflens

Glittering Heaven


Dr. Carl Sagan said, " It is a vast universe and it will be an awful waste of space, if its just us "


About this Page

sphericalinsight is a collection
of my various works.


About sphericalinsight

It is by the name sphericalinsight that I share my works.

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