Abhishek Sharma

Engineer, Author, Writer, Photographer, Stargazer
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I am Abhishek Sharma- an engineer by profession and a mystery & suspense genre author, a life psychology writer, a photographer and a stargazer  by virtue of inclination.


Energy Earth Environment


We are living in a world that is developing and for all those countries who we call as developed they are developing too and for developing we need the energy to support that growth. Here arises a big question, a question that may have answers to it at one moment but at the other moment, there seems to be no answers at all. Or requirements for Energy have definitions. We can only make an estimate about our energy requirements but somehow we always fell short.


Mystery & Suspense


There is always some Mystery & There is always some Suspense.


Life Psychology


It is only now that we are realizing the importance of the fact that it is not just the human body that needs care but it is also the human mind needs care.


Travel Photograph MotionPicture

Anything and everything and everybody is connected, travel and the silent yet powerful art of photography just proves it.



It's beautiful above us


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